Saturday, 7 May 2011


Skrg (3.13 pagi 7mei 2011), I bru je abes ber-omong kosong dgn my BTN mate, Faiez..
he asked me about the Fb of our group members..then our story goes to the next hot and spicy topic-LOVE...

I started  my story-telling session with full of confident..its all about HIM..

The almost perfect person that I've ever met in my life..he lighted up my way,,cheered me up when I am sad, keep awake when I fell asleep everytime I am sick,..sing a happy song even he is sad and walked together whenever n wherever I go..I still remembered his voice and his phrase when I talked about my late mum in the phone..

 'please..dun talk about this anymore..I tak nak kehilangan org tersayang buat kali kedua'

Kali kedua????masih terngiang2 ayat itu di persada mindaku..yelah..dah sayang..I pon akur je with his words..after a while, I asks..Who is the first person that he lost in his meaningful life?
'Ayah'..bagai kilat sabung mnyabung atas kepala mase tu..'pity him'..I said..

dy sungguh tabah..mjalankan tugas sbgai anak sulung sekaligus sbgai wonder la selama i knl dy, dy sentiasa mgutamakan his mother,..bcoz she is everything to I understand..

U..u are the most perfect person in the world I've ever met..alangkah bertuahnye kalau dpt kuputarkan mase..agar dapat terus bersamamu..B,millions of thanx becoz u had gave me the chance to share my hard life with u..biar pun hanya untuk 3 bulan je ...THANX :')

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